One Year so Quick

It’s been just over a year since I became a mama.  There has been so much joy and so much milk.  We’re still breastfeeding at whim and need with no intention of stopping before he’s ready.  I’ve just begun the process of becoming a La Leche League leader.  Amusingly, I’ve gotten more sleep than my last few years, but that’s just because I am pretty good at sleeping when the baby does and because he actually sleeps pretty well.

I love him to pieces.  I’m frustrated by him more often as he starts getting into things.  Frustrated on his behalf when he cannot yet do the things he so clearly wants or convey the things he’s trying to communicate.  It’s amazing watching him grow and develop and turn from a helpless baby into a real boy.

I’ve found a great circle of friends in and around Baltimore.  Most of them are mamas.  The rest of them sing.  Harbor City Music Company is going to Hawaii to compete at international competition this fall and we are going with them, but by then it’ll be a year and a half and that is for another post.  Some of the mamas are active in the SCA and we’re hoping to start getting to some events.  Others are more urban and we enjoy exploring Baltimore’s parks with them.

Todo this week: Finish writing thank you notes from the dragon’s first birthday and get them all mailed.